Pregnancy Exercise

Pregnancy Exercise is important to a healthy pregnancy, an easier delivery and a quicker recovery after birth.

Movement throughout your pregnancy will help keep your heart strong, your lymph moving, will keep your muscles tone and help you build your stamina for labor.  Much information exists on the importance of exercise for health benefits- and when you are pregnant is is just as important.

One note here is this: if you are already working out regularly, it is great to continue that throughout your pregnancy. You can find special certified fitness trainers that can assist you and help you adapt your workout routine just for pregnancy.

When I was pregnant with my second son, I had been working out with a trainer prior to becoming pregnant- and I was able to continue cardio, weight training, stretching and specialty exercises all the way to the time of delivery.  In fact – with my second son I was in labor for three days. (The first day I actually headed off to the gym to see if I could help the contractions along!! The benefit of working out that pregnancy was that I was ready to head back to the gym within a couple days of delivery.)

If you have not been working out consistently- pregnancy is not the time to start a strenuous routine- but movement is important!  If you wish to work out, I encourage you to find a trainer who specializes in pregnancy workouts.

The easiest form of pregnancy exercise you can do throughout all the trimesters, and even during labor, is walking.

You will find that walking during delivery will help your contractions be easier and it really helps the body do what it is designed to do: deliver that baby!  Being upright and walking during delivery also lets gravity work for you.  Being upright as much as you can in labor and delivery keeps unnecessary pressure off the spine and nerves that are needed to deliver the baby.  By being mobile and active prior to labor and delivery- you will have built up some strength and endurance for your baby’s birth.

Below are some excellent work out videos and DVD’s for adding to your pregnancy exercise and fitness routine.

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