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Debbra Sweet’s Biography

Entrepreneur, Business Development Specialist, Sales Trainer, Action Leadership Speaker, Author, Musician and founder of Sweet Marketing Solutions & Thrive Right Consulting

Debbra is called “A People Mover” by many.

She ‘moves people’ to take action to get lasting results in their life and business.


Moving people to change is more than just inspiration. It’s more than just motivation. It’s the ability to connect with a person and engage them to make a commitment to themselves to follow through on their desire.

A believer that change and growth on a larger scale, starts first with the individual. Debbra Sweet is an advocate for the power and potential of human capital. She is a living example of the unlimited creativity of mind, the resilience of the physical body and emotional spirit- and a supporter of systems for accountability that tie it all together.

As an agent of change- her focus is single; to help others produce amazing results! 

Debbra Sweet speaks, teaches, consults and trains on topics of:

MarketingBusiness Development, SalesLeadership and Health & Wellness.  

She makes these topics easy for you to understand and apply in your business and life. Her unique and visionary approach easily draws clients and audiences in from the beginning and keeps them engaged until the end.

Debbra Sweet specializes in working with business owners and executives. At Sweet Marketing Solutions she helps them increase their profitability through planned, targeted, effective marketing.  At Thrive Right Consulting (the business development division), she works with individuals, companies and organizations to help them create a solid foundation to Thrive.

She believes in bringing each area into a state of balance, health and vitality, so that they are strong independently, and function with synchronicity as a whole.

She believes that as individuals, we need to take responsibility for our choices and actions. She believes that as individuals we need to get back to living with values and morals that are based on integrity, authenticity, honesty, vision, passion and a desire to be part of a greater good. When the individual is strong, centered and focused with purpose, they are able to then turn and support others through servant leadership.

Debbra has a way of connecting quickly to her students and clients. She does not talk ‘to’ them. She engages with them. She does not speak at them. She relates to them.

When you implement growth actions for change to thrive, sometimes there are roadblocks that have to be removed, worked around, gone through or over.  Debbra’s wisdom, patience, knowledge, empathy and genuine concern for others success help her deliver, at times, difficult  subject matter  with eloquence, grace, empathy and diplomacy.

If you have a simple or complex problem that requires high-level thinking, Debbra has the insights, skills, attention to details and resources to provide solid solutions.

She’s ready to dig deeply into a problem or situation, sorting through the variables and nuances. Then she takes the time needed to figure out a solution. When she presents solutions and options, it will be carefully considered.

Industries, companies and individuals hire Debbra to move them through change for lasting results in life, wellness, leadership, marketing, sales and business.

The Backstory…

Exposure to business at an early age and cultivation of artistic talent in music and writing is part of the diverse background that Debbra Sweet brings to her clients. This unique blend of understanding business systems, a great sense of value in client relationships and endless creativity are key elements that Sweet uses to lead her team of professionals to achieving client results in marketing, leadership, business development and creating a healthy, loyal work environment.

Whether it’s personal or professional connection Debbra makes with people, she draws from her own diverse business & life experiences of overcoming challenges to sharing great wins in order to guide with wisdom, integrity, compassion and genuine caring for others.

Her personal passion of “showing people there’s a better way to produce results” in marketing their business lays the foundation for the inspiring and motivating topics she speaks, writes and teaches on. Drawing on her vast experience in many different arenas she speaks with authority on a multitude of subjects. Fun, energetic, intelligent and outgoing, Debbra Sweet always delivers!

Never one to ‘wait for things to happen’, Debbra opens new doors for her clients and her company in the areas marketing, advertising and promotions and business development.

Her professional experience on stage as a musician, author, speaker and radio show host, helps her deliver messages to her clients and ultimately – their clients- in a fresh, inspiring, motivating way. Always focusing on the end results, Debbra helps to streamline the vastness of marketing so her clients can be comfortably involved when they are working towards achieving marketing growth goals.

Call Debbra Sweet Now (888) SWEET-85 (888-793-3885) to schedule her for your event or contact her online to set a private consultation about your business growth needs.

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