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People work with Sweet Marketing Solutions when they want their business to become more profitable through an effective and planned niche marketing system.

Andrew Zirkin
SEO Specialist
Creative Intelligence Marketing

“I have been working with Debbra Sweet now for around two months. Being in the field of marketing most of my adult life and running an online outsource marketing business I thought I knew it all. This is where Debbra comes with her Can Do process and Connection Campaigns she is one of the best in her field.

After a series of extensive interviews she created a marketing plan that was thorough and effective. I can see which areas are missing and she has turned me on to tools that truly automate the process of staying in contact. The best part of the Connection Campaigns is that I can stay in contact with literally thousands of clients and prospects in a very personal way at the click of a button. Thank You Debbra You Rock.”


Charles “Tony” Chinnici, ARM, GRI, REALTOR®
Corazon Real Estate

“You guys have helped this office become one of the larger property management companies in Reno. Thank you.”


Megan Dietz, D.D.S.
San Marcos, CA

“Thanks for the recap Debbra!  I was really pleased with our first coaching session and it left me pretty darn inspired. Having a “game plan” and coming up with a task list with you makes marketing myself seem much less daunting.  Thanks for all you hard work and I am really looking forward to our next session :)

Hope you are having a great weekend!”


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