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Are you a Start Up Business? A DIY Entrepreneur? A Seasoned Business Owner that never had to worry about marketing?

Are you being overwhelmed by the options of how to market and promote your business? Do you get ‘stuck’ when those ad reps ask “What you want in the ad?”

Discover Real World, Time Tested Insights, Tips, Resources and Proven Techniques to Help You Grow Your Business. 

This program is different. We’re not selling hype. We’ve walked in your  shoes with our own businesses.

This program was developed by a real business owner, Debbra Sweet, founder of Sweet Marketing Solutions and Thrive Right Consulting.   She’s not a professor teaching book theory who has never owned a business.  Growing up around businesses since she was 4 and starting her first entrepreneurial venture at age 17, she understands your concerns. Debbra has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars and hours  to test and apply book theory concepts on marketing and make it effective in a real business.

Book knowledge is great. But until you put that knowledge to task- you really don’t have skin in the game. Most  entrepreneurs need results with their marketing today.  You can shorten your learning curve by the insights and experiential wisdom revealed in this online course. Each week you learn one new thing that you can implement right away to start improving your marketing efforts.

If you want to be a financially successful entrepreneur you are going to need three very important ingredients for your business:

  • New Customers
  • More Repeat Sales
  • And the revival of dormant customers

Most start ups and DIY Marketers pay a costly price  spending money on advertising and promotions that will never  work.  There’s a reason they do not work. The sales reps selling you the ads, knocking on your door with the ‘next best thing’… will not tell you what I share in this program.   Even your graphic designers and web designers will not share with you the insights that are in this program. It’s not that they don’t want to…. it’s more often, they too, do not know what I teach in the Marketing Made Easy(TM) Online Study Course.  

The learning curve for the DIY, ‘throw and stick’ approach to growing and marketing a business can be long and costly. 

But… it doesn’t have to be.

MME Logo v2 SMS 2014You know your business. We know marketing.

If you need your marketing to be effective the first time, and you are mindful of your budget – this program is for you.

This is the real way to market. It’s where book theory meets the rubber on the road.  What you learn here will lay a solid foundation for effective marketing both online and offline.

Like any thing new that you learn, marketing is a skill that can be developed.  In order to become very good at it, you do need to practice and apply what you learn.   In this the Marketing Made Easy™ Online Course, you are going to discover insights, tips, resources and proven techniques to help you grow your business.

Everything in this online course, we have done for our own companies for many years- and still continue to do.

A Personal Message to you from Debbra:   “People often ask me why I put this online course together?”

My Reply:  Personal, private coaching and training is powerful.  The investment of time and money can return huge profits for you.

But not everyone can afford (yet) to work with me one to one.  Over the years I continually receive referrals from entrepreneurs who know me, trust me, and feel confident referring their friends and colleagues to me.

Too often, the conversation went like this: “Debbra, my friend Susie has a business. She’s really good at what she does. She’s passionate and  she wants to make that business grow. She really needs help with her marketing though. Can you talk to her?”  When I would follow up with the referral, I could hear the passion in their voice about their new business venture. We  would talk about their vision for growing their business, and finally I would have to ask the budget question.  I would ask ‘ How much can you afford monthly to commit to marketing your business?”

Their answer was all too often the same “$25 dollars a month.”

Now mind you, that is better than nothing… but the reality was, I have to charge more than that an hour to provide the best service for my clients. My heart went out to them. I’ve bootstrapped businesses before. I know what’s involved. There wasn’t a program like the Marketing Made Easy ™ course when I started out. I wanted to help these referrals know how to market the right way. And… I knew I was sitting on marketing tools and ideas that really only do cost about $25 a month or so to use once you have a plan.

The seed for my program was planted. I wanted to find a way to help these types of business owners .. . along with the more established businesses that never had to ‘worry’ about marketing.

When the eononmic change happened …we saw the writing on the wall before most people did. I took a very proactive step and took these ideas for how to help people like you- and developed this course.

This is not the end all to marketing. It does teach you, each week, through direct, personal training, guidance and feedback from me- how to know WHAT should be in your marketing and WHY.  I  teach things that cost me time and money to learn. They are here in black and white so you can learn from my ‘been there done that’ approach.

You’ll find simple, powerful and yes, even FREE marketing tools and strategies that you can use right away.

See… sometimes you don’t have cash to put into your marketing. Sometimes you need sweat equity.  You get those types of marketing ideas, tips and insights to get you going so you can start making money sooner rather than later.

You will also get guidance on things to do, places to go and how to make wise choices for developing the marketing you need now.

Easy, Effective- Proven Marketing- on a Budget That Works for You!

Enjoy learning about how to create effective marketing with a direct, easy to understand, and proven approach that let’s you implement ideas right away and get results fast.

Make no mistake about it; unless you have a plan to aggressively gain new customers, do more business with the ones that are already buying from you, and reactivate dormant ones,  your business could become another statistic of failed entities.  It takes effective, affordable and consistent marketing to convert prospects into customers and to keep customers engaged in doing more business with you.

Photo of Roofing Contractor Program, Woman Entrepreneur and Contractor shown here. Many others industries to choose from. (Contact us for details.)







Taking over 25 years of my marketing, sales and promotions knowledge and background, I’ve shared my own personal experiences with the information and resources In the Marketing Made Easy™ Online Course.  Our company personally uses and has tested each one of the methods described in the course.   Why is this important?  Because we have been able to shorten your learning curve and we know first hand what to do, and what not to do for achieving marketing results.

Are you being overwhelmed by the options of how to market and promote your business?  Do you get ‘stuck’ when those ad reps want you to tell them “What you want in the ad?” When you look at the cost of all those ads and the budget in your bank- do they line up? Are the advertising sales people telling you they have the ‘next best thing since sliced bread’?  Are you clear on those long contracts they want you to sign? Have you really read the fine print of what they are offering?

Your business is going to evolve as it grows. It’s inevitable. The longer you stay in business, the more you learn, the more you adapt. Conditions in the world around you change and these changes have an effect on the business market and consumer thinking. Remember: as your business evolves your marketing will evolve also.

  1. Discover the fun you can have with new marketing ideas and affordable tools that get results! Grab onto the systems I share and have comfort knowing that you are one your way to marketing to people that can become trusted and valued life long clients
  2. Grab onto the systems I share and have comfort knowing that you are one your way to marketing to people that can become trusted and valued life long clients
  3. Enjoy learning in a direct and easy approach to help you get to the bottom line of what you need to do for results.

In the Marketing Made Easy™  Online  Course I have laid forth time-tested, proven systems and guidelines to enable you to refer back to again and again. The vastness of marketing has finally been broken into manageable ideas that you can apply today.

Whether you business is online or offline, if you are just starting up or have been in business for quite some time, the Marketing Made Easy™ Online Course is ready for you to Grab and Go!

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