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Project Management

People work with Sweet Marketing Solutions when they want their business to become more profitable through an effective and planned niche marketing system.

Do you want to streamline your time and costs when it comes to developing your marketing collateral and implementing your campaigns?

Once you have a marketing idea, bringing that idea to life requires:patience, project management skills, time management and extreme attention to details. 


Failing to follow through on developing and implementing your marketing ideas simply because you personally don’t have the time or the energy to source out the solutions you need for fulfillment – is one area you can avoid.

Sweet Marketing Solutions project managers monitor your campaigns from the start of development all the way through the completion of your projects.

There are many moving parts that need to go into a successful marketing piece.  Depending upon what type of marketing collateral, tech tools, products you have chosen for your marketing campaigns, the need to communicate, monitor a variety of production cycles, proof off on the deliverables and schedule shipping to meet deadlines may be needed.

Successul fulfillment from vendors requires effective communication nd understanding the finer details and nuances of each type of marketing product, tech and substrate to ensure they deliver exactly what you want the first time.

Our team has years of successful project management for marketing campaigns.  Delivering on time, on budget and with the quality of products you choose, are easily handled.  The project management team has proven skills to  hold many people accountable to meeting deadlines.

We can work with your chosen vendors, or we can provide our preferred resources.

Whether it be print material, launching a website, an online marketing campaign, promotional products – or even helping you get ready for an event, our staff can assist with the fulfillment and delivery.

Strategic alliances with many partners allow us to confidently deliver top notch experts in all aspects of marketing fulfillment.

Call today or email us and find out how easy it is to have your project underway.
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